How to build a custom MixPanel/Zapier Integration

Here’s a quick tutorial on building a custom MixPanel integration with Zapier. Rather me just give you access to the Zap? Shoot me an email at my first name then last name at

Login to Zapier and navigate to the developer platform by selecting “Explore” then “Developers”:

Scroll down this page and select “Make Your Own App”:

Then select “Add New App”:

Enter a name and description for your app and then navigate to the next page:

Scroll down the page and select “Add Your First Trigger”:

In the “Name” field enter “New Webhook”, in the “Key” field enter “WH”, in the “Description” field enter “Triggers when a new webhook is caught”. Check the “Important” box, unselect the “Hidden” box and then select “Save and Next”:

On the next screen select “Next”:

Set “Static Webhooks” in the “Data Source” field then select “Save and Next”:

In the “Sample Results” field, paste the following and then select “Parse Sample”:

    "$distinct_id": "14c375554153b6-0a0c1ca73-16316555-1fa400-14c37cb8418a8d",
    "$properties": {
        "$country_code": "US",
        "$region": "Washington",
        "$initial_referring_domain": "",
        "$email": "",
        "$initial_referrer": "",
        "$created": "2015-03-20T08:27:14",
        "$city": "Seattle",
        "$last_seen": "2015-03-20T08:27:15",
        "$os": "Mac OS X",
        "$browser": "Chrome",
        "$timezone": "America/Los_Angeles"

Clean up your property names and then set all as important. When you’re done, select “Save” at the bottom of the page. It should look something like this:

Now we’re going make some changes with the scripting id. Scroll down the page and select “Edit Code”:

Paste the following piece of code:

var Zap = {
    wh_catch_hook: function(bundle) {


Then select “Save”:

Now we’re ready to use it, navigate back to your Zapier dashboard.

Make a “New Zap”:

Hook up your zap on the left and something else on the right. In this example, I’ll text myself using Zapier. When you’re done hit continue:

Now Zapier will give us a webhook URL. Copy that URL and log into Mixpanel:

Create a new webhook notification:

And paste in your webhook URL and select “Continue”:

Set your properties then select “Continue”:

Select “ASAP” then select “Save”:

Now go back to Zapier and select “Continue”:

Add your phone number and then select “Continue”:

Select “Continue” again:

And again…:

Now insert fields and select “Continue”:

Now go back to MixPanel, select your webhook notification again and select “Test”:

Press “Ok I did this” + other orange CTA’s a couple times:

You should see the following message:

Let’s do a final test by selecting “Test Zap with this sample”:


You can now hook up Mixpanel with HubSpot, Salesforce and more.

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