Alex LeventerMy name’s Alex, I’m a product/marketing guy based in Seattle, WA. I currently work at TRED.com as Product Manager.

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  1. Hey,

    I love your article here about integrating mixpanel + Zapier (http://alexleventer.com/building-a-zapier-mixpanel-integration/). We’re probably going to recommend this to Mixpanel clients moving forward, it’s really awesome!

    Quick note – where you mention to enter “WH” into the “Key” field, I had to change the key to “wh” because the TRIGGER_KEY_catch_hook (in the scripting API) is case sensitive. Additionally, I made a small edit to the scripting API code:

    var Zap = {
    wh_catch_hook: function(bundle) {
    return bundle.cleaned_request.users || [];

    I think yours was only returning the first user – which is perfect for testing purposes.

    Let me know if this makes sense – thanks again!

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